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Murderous Vision - Ghosts of the Soul Long Lost Volume Three 3xCD


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This third volume in the Murderous Vision archival series is a special addition. Offering three CDs of out of print material to celebrate 20 years since the inception of the project. Disc one features the 3rd full length album, "Suffocate… The Final Breath", originally released in 2000, and out of print for over 10 years. This album was the first to be recorded as a solo effort by Stephen, and considered by him to be the real first album. It was with on this release that the classic MV sound was born. Created as the last century came to a close. Recorded 100% on the trusty old Tascam 244 4-track tape machine, in the original location of Storms of the Underworld in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. Disc two is the complete album "Salvation on Sand Mountain". Originally recorded and released in 2010, as a C-80 by Danvers State. This is the first time ever on CD. Features many guest vocals by The Vomit Arsonist, Cunting Daughters, Nyodene D, Fascist Insect, Darin Sullivan, Reichardt van Greiken and others. Disc three contains two releases that originally were released by LBRF in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Starting off with the harshest MV release yet, "Echospore". Recorded manically over the course of three days in September 2010. Exploring the shamanistic properties of psychedelic mushrooms, recorded 100% under their influence. Yes, it sounds like it too. Rounding out the set, is tracks from the split with Skin Graft, "Corpse Abuse". These frantic power electronics tracks are some of my favorite i've ever recorded. Featuring an absolutely mind numbing and schizophrenic vocal performance by Kat Stewart on one track. This volume is packed in a six panel full color eco-wallet, with cover painting by Necro Doll and graphic design by Andre Coelho. Just under four hours of music, for one super low price. Limited to just 300 copies. Celebrate with us!